Refine Your SearchRefine Search

Advanced Search Tips (Watch How To Video):

-        Use the Advanced Search first before using the Interactive Map to better define your search.

-        You can set up & save multiple searches if you are searching in different areas.

-        For each search you save, you’ll get email alerts on any new listings or price changes.

-        Go to your Profile Sign-In (top right icon) to access or modify your favourite listings and saved searches anytime.

-        If you’d like help setting up your own unique search, I can help you with that – just ask.

 Interactive Map Search Tips:

-        Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in/out on a map to see more listings in a specific area. 

-        As you zoom in on the map, more listings will show up.

-        If you’d like to center the map on your screen, just click and drag the map with your mouse to your preferred position.

-        Use the polygon feature to draw a boundary around your preferred search area and save it.  Note: you can use the Advanced Search function to select your specific search criteria first (ie: town/neighborhood/price range, etc), then draw a boundary around your preferred geographical area.